The school is privileged to have well qualified and committed staff It has a large building with all the required amenities. The classrooms are well furnished and provide a perfect ambience for learning. The school boasts remarkable collection of invaluable books, magazines and periodicals on all subjects.

The school has well-equipped labs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology which facilitate learning of Science inits minutest details. The Activity room contains umpteen objects of edutainment, which make learning a joyful experience for the kids of Primary classes. Children get trained here in skills of craft and art through our Arts and SUPW sections.

A Computer room, equipped with 20 computers serves as a lab where practical computer education is imparted. The school has recently been registered with 'Think.com', which interconnects the member teachers and students all over the world.

To sum up, a very congenial atmosphere prevails in the school for an all round development of children.