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Hybrid Electronic Car is an innovative idea of an ecofriendly car with high eficiency of fuel. It will produce very low waste and will save the fuel also increase its efficiency.

Aditya Joshi, X

Swin Flue

Swine influenza is an infection by any one of several types of swine influenza virus. In september 1998 , a swin flue virus killed one women and infected others. To save your life from swine flue , eat tulsi . This flue is also known as H1N1 Flue.

Aditya Soni, VIII



• ABC of Happiness A spire to reach your potential
• B elieve in your life
• C reate good life
• Dreame about what you may become
• E xercise regularly
• Forgive honest mistakes
• G lorify the honest spirit
• H umour yourself and others
• I magine great things
• J oy fully live each day
• L ove everyone on this earth
• N urture environment
• O rganise for harmonious action
• P raise and admire the deeds
• Q uestion and be curious
• R egulate your own behavior
• S mile often and make others smile
• T hink always before you think
• U nderstand your self
• V alue each and every small thing in life
• W ork for the common good
• X ray and carefully observe the problem
• Z estfully pursue happiness.
By Meghna Kashyap