About KV

Date of Opening of the KV : August - 1983
Highest class and number of sections sanctioned for each class 10 : One Section sanctioned for each class.
Sector : (Civil / Defence / Project / I.H.L.)
ONGC Project School
District : Anand
State / U.T. : Gujarat

"Kendriya Vidyalya ONGC Cambay was established in 1983. It is a project school sponsored by ONGC, Cambay, It is situated 2 km. away from Cambay, locally known as Khambhat.

Cambay is a small town, 82 k.m. away from Baroda, 92 k.m. from Ahmedabad. Anand, famous for AMUL, the Dairy Giant, is 55 km. away from Cambay and is connected by train. Kendriya Vidyalaya ONGC Cambay

Cambay is a place of historical importance, with its 900 year old Masjid, and Jain temples. Lothal, the place where remnants of the Indus Valley civilisation were excavated, is about 100 km. away from this place. In the past, this town was famously known as port city and had seen its glorious days in business, Even now Khambhat is famous for its precious stone works in jewellery. The town is also known for its sweets and kites.

The Vidyalaya is run by Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, an autonomous body under the ministry of Human Resource and Development, Govt. of India, and is managed by a local management of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.


Renovation of the school building

Renovation of the school building i.e students wing, library ,computer room CCA Hall almost completed . All laboratories are under process and will be completed within a week. The renovation of the entire school building really gives a healthy, congenial and very fascinating feeling to the students as well as all the staff members. A cordial  thanks to the sponsoring agency ,specially to the chairman Shri S. Singh E.D Sub Asset Manager ONGC Cambay and Nominee Chairman Shri S.K. Chaturvedi HR ER Head from KV ONGC cambay.